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QUICKIE Helium Rigid Wheelchair Sunrise Medical

QUICKIE Helium Rigid Wheelchair Sunrise Medical

Range:   Brand: Sunrise Medical

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Rigid Wheelchair
The ULTIMATE ultra-lightweight wheelchair of choice.
It's time for a new generation! Minimalist design and impressive driving performance - that's what the Helium active wheelchair is all about. Modern Carbotecture ® and hydroforming makes the Helium an extremely strong and sturdy ultra-lightweight wheelchair. Bespoke mouldings, a choice of 32 colours and a variety of trim levels and design options will help your Helium reflect your pure individuality. Connect your ultra-lightweight Helium to the new Attitude wheelchair hand bike series and experience freedom like never before! Whether you want to exercise with the manual add-on, enjoy the benefits of rehab and intermittent exercise with the power assist or cruise anywhere with the full power add-on, the Attitude add-on wheelchair hand bike series opens up so many possibilities to live life to the limits. When you ride with Attitude you’ll wonder why you’ve never tried it before
Features Include:
  • Seat Width: 32 - 46 cm (in 2 cm increments) Seat Depth: 34 - 48 cm (in 2 cm increments) Front seat height: 44 - 57 cm (in 1 cm increments) Rear seat height: 37 - 50 cm (in 1 cm increments) Back height: 25 - 45 cm (in 2
  • 5 cm increments) Backrest Angle: -31° - +15° (in 3.5° increments) Inset: 0 / 1 / 3 cm each side Camber: 0° / 3° / 6° / 9° Max. User Weight: 125 kg (100 kg for Proton wheels
  • clip style seat upholstery and oval shaped backrest) Product Weight: from 6.4 kg Upholstery Colours: 4 colours Frame Colours: 32 colours