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QUICKIE RXS folding Wheelchair Sunrise Medical

QUICKIE RXS folding Wheelchair Sunrise Medical

Range:   Brand: Sunrise Medical

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RXS Folding Wheelchair

Cruise in a classic QUICKIE folding wheelchair.

The Quickie RXS is custom built to user's specifications and is a proven lightweight folding wheelchair that delivers all the qualities and features you need. Offering great adjustments for individual fine tuning and a wide range of colours, options and accessories at an affordable price. The RXS if perfect for someone who's looking for simplicity and longevity.

The folding wheelchair with fine-tune adjustments

With the RXS, you can fine tune the best setup for your folding wheelchair with the slotted vertical axle plate. The axple plate allows for infinite adjustments to the centre point of gravity, seat height adjustment and seat angle adjustment.

The easily foldable wheelchair

Folding your RXS is easy - just pull the folding strap upwards and the wheelchair frame will fold together. Effortless and simple for everyday storage

Turn your RXS into a powered wheelchair in seconds!

The optional F16 powered add-on expands the range of mobility for your RXS folding wheelchair by adding a power assisted module to a manual frame. The F16 increases your travel distance and propulsion efficiency and reduces overall fatigue while allowing you to maintain the look, control and functionality of a manual wheelchair  
Features Include:
  • Seat Width: 35 - 51 cm (13.7 - 20